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What is the Questionnaire?

The Questionnaire gathers information from people in the field of medieval philosophy about their current research. The information gathered through the Work-in-Progress-Questionnaire is subsequently published in the SIEPM Bulletin de philosophie médiévale. The Bulletin's publication of the Questionnaire's results is a valuable resource for discovering what scholars from around the world are doing in medieval philosophy – for example, what critical editions are being produced. It is not necessary to be a member of the SIEPM to fill out the Questionnaire.
The Questionnaire can be filled in at any time. The SIEPM offers both members and non-members the opportunity to fill in the Questionnaire online. Additionally, it is sent out annually to SIEPM members and persons whose information is on record with the SIEPM.

Please note that there is a deadline for information to be published in the annual Bulletin de philosophie médiévale. The deadline for the upcoming issue of the Bulletin is March 1.