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Information on membership application

1. Neccessary steps to becoming a member of the SIEPM

a) Membership sponsors:

The first thing you will need to do is to find two sponsors who will personally support your application. Sponsors must be paying SIEPM members and should send their letters of support personally to the Secretary General of the SIEPM, Prof. Pieter De Leemans. The reference can be made by post or email (Find out more about submitting a reference of application).

b) Membership application form:

After contacting two sponsors who are willing to support your application, please fill in the application form.

c) Annual symposium:

The SIEPM Advisory Board will consider your membership application at the annual SIEPM Colloquium. The decision is based on whether the Board considers you to be an active contributor to the field of medieval thought – determined mostly by your publications in the field.

d) Membership fees:

Should your application be approved by the SIEPM Advisory Board you are required to pay the annual membership fee (see below). Please pay your fee only after your notification of acceptance.

2. Advantages of being a SIEPM member

In addition to belonging to a "guild" of scholars of medieval philosophy and thereby supporting research activity in medieval philosophy as a communal and global enterprise, all paid up members are entitled to:

  • receive the Bulletin de philosophie médiévale
  • take advantage of the 25% discount on selected books at Brepols Publishers (this list is included in the Bulletin)
  • vote or register proxies in SIEPM elections
  • sponsor new members and give references for stipend applicants
  • post information about their publications on this site in the SIEPM  Bibliography of medieval philosophy
  • (if less than 35 years old) apply for certain congress and research stipends


3. Membership fees

a) When?

Membership fees must be paid annually and in advance; meaning that each year's fee must be paid in the previous year (deadline: 31 December).

b) How much?

The current membership fee is 35 EUR.

c) Paying in advance

Members who pay for 5 years in advance are guaranteed against any fee increases for that five year period. Example: If you pay for the next 5 years by 31 December 2017 (a sum of 175 EUR) your fees are paid from 2018 up to (and including) 2022.