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Guidelines Freising Proceedings

In the first days of January, the Bureau of the SIEPM made the final decision to publish the Proceedings of the Freising Congress in the academic journal Quaestio, published by Brepols and Pagina. Please find herewith enclosed as attachment the Publication Guidelines: you are kindly requested to adhere to the stylistic norms of the journal – especially concerning footnotes and quotation marks. Please also note the following:

    • If you are not writing in your native language, please have a native speaker go over your paper.
    • Keep your paper below a maximum of 25,000 characters (for the invited speakers of the plenary sessions: 50,000 characters). The maximum length for each article includes the text (comprising blank spaces), notes and bibliography. Articles exceeding this length will not be taken into consideration.
    • The final deadline for consignment of your text is now 31 March 2013.

Assuming they conform to the above guidelines, all papers will be peer reviewed by members of the Bureau and, if necessary, other expert readers. Papers will first be screened for language and then for scholarship. Papers that are not up to standard linguistically will be returned to the authors for revision. As with any peer-review process, publication of any given submission is not guaranteed. Preference will be given to papers touching on the theme of the congress, "The Pleasures of Knowledge," to ensure the greater uniformity and hence marketability of the proceedings.

I thank you for your precious cooperation, and I wish you a happy and successful 2013.


Pasquale Porro

SIEPM Vice Chair

Download: Guidelines