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Dear SIEPM Members and Visitors,

Dear SIEPM Members and Visitors,

Please find here  the agenda for the upcoming general assembly and information concerning the election of the new SIEPM Bureau, which both will take place at the SIEPM International Congress in Porto Alegre  "Homo – Natura – Mundus: Human Beings and their Relationships", Porto Alegre, Brazil, July 24-28, 2017. I kindly invite all SIEPM members to participate.
In case you cannot attend the general assembly or election, a form of appoint of proxy can be downloaded from this website.

For more information see the conference website or the SIEPM website of the conference.

Prof. Maarten Hoenen
SIEPM Secretary General



The SIEPM was founded in 1958 with the goal of promoting the study of medieval thought. We have around 800 members in 45 different countries across six continents.

In the international context the SIEPM is the foremost society for the study of medieval philosophy and intellectual history. It organises international congresses and fosters exchange among scholars. In addition we offer congress- and research-stipends to young scholars.

In order to connect specialists from around the globe we publish the Bulletin de Philosophie Médiévale and the series Rencontres de Philosophie Médiévale. Through these publications every member has the oppertunity to share and discuss their thoughts with some of the leading specialists in their particular field.

Membership is open to all who have established themselves through publication as researchers in medieval thought.