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SIEPM Publications

The SIEPM produces two different publications:

  1. The Bulletin de philosophie médiévale. The Bulletin is the annual journal of the SIEPM and aims to provide information about the activities of the Society and its members and the state of the art in medieval philosophy. It offers a list of short reports concerning the institutions and associations specialising in the study of medieval thought. The review section focuses on editions, current activities or published works, and the results of scholarly research. Attention is paid to all information that may be useful to specialists. As such the journal acts as an indispensable reference work for all those who wish to keep themselves informed about the research programmes and current projects in the field.

    Visit the publisher's website: Brepols.
  2. The Rencontres de philosophie médiévale. In this series the proceedings of the annual SIEPM colloquia are published.

    Visit the publisher's website: Brepols.

SIEPM Citation sheet:

In volume 45 of the Bulletin Prof. Kent Emery, Jr. has published a new style-sheet indicating procedures, typographical conventions and forms of annotation for SIEPM publications. (pp. xiii-xxiv). Click here to to view the stylesheet online.